Season 6

Episodes Format
First Time Again image

Episode 1: First Time Again

Rick and the group continue to have trouble assimilating into Alexandria. Multiple threats lead the ...

JSS image

Episode 2: JSS

When it appears that things are starting to normalize in the settlement, a new problem arises for th...

Thank You image

Episode 3: Thank You

A return home doesn't go as expected.

Here's Not Here image

Episode 4: Here's Not Here

A new face appears; trust issues form.

Now image

Episode 5: Now

Following a number of setbacks, the mood in Alexandria grows grim for the sheltered citizens.

Always Accountable image

Episode 6: Always Accountable

Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha encounter many obstacles and a new threat while trying to return to Alexan...

Heads Up image

Episode 7: Heads Up

Alexandria is finally able to begin pulling itself back together; peace is embraced between the two ...

Start to Finish image

Episode 8: Start to Finish

After a few moments of peace, trouble finds its way to Alexandria again with a threat that may be to...

No Way Out image

Episode 9: No Way Out

While trying to escape Alexandria, Rick and his group meet trouble when sudden noise draws walkers t...

The Next World image

Episode 10: The Next World

A simple scavenging run proves to be more tricky, when the survivors are not the only ones after a g...

Knots Untie image

Episode 11: Knots Untie

After Rick comes to the realization that Alexandria might not be as safe as he thought, decisions mu...

Not Tomorrow Yet image

Episode 12: Not Tomorrow Yet

Rick and the group realize the only way to maintain the peace of Alexandria is to fight a new enemy....

The Same Boat image

Episode 13: The Same Boat

After experiencing a minor success, there is a whole new set of issues when members of the group are...

Twice as Far image

Episode 14: Twice as Far

Two separate groups leave Alexandria for supplies, and while both worry over the future of the commu...

East image

Episode 15: East

Alexandria is alerted after realizing someone is missing. Several search parties will venture out, b...

Last Day on Earth image

Episode 16: Last Day on Earth

To save one of their own, Rick's group must venture outside the walls. Their experience there will c...