The Walking Dead Season 6: Things will Get Complicated and Ugly

Will you lose your consciousness as a human when a zombie apocalypse happens to you? Will you turn into a heartless soul because you are surrounded by the undead? Will you let down of your guards when you have found a safe haven? Those are the questions that you will face when you watch walking dead season 6. Will you stay the human you are now after you have been through a lot, especially if you have lost your loved ones? It is advisable that those who haven’t watched walking dead season 5 online shouldn’t be reading this article as it will be filled with spoilers.

Rick Grimes and his group has been through a lot – and also survived a lot – since the last episodes of season 5, and after they managed to survive Terminus, they continued their journey. As the leader of the group, Rick is determined that he won’t be making the same mistakes of letting his group be lured into another community that turned out deadly and dangerous. It makes him a tougher and harder human being, learning from his past mistakes to lead their way.

After Terminus, some of them are separated, but after several episodes, you will see that they are regrouping again. Unfortunately, just like other episodes in The Walking Dead streaming, some of the characters ‘must’ die, including some characters that you hold dear. And things don’t get easier either after they regrouping, since they still have to deal with major issues, like the walkers, the shelter, limited food supply, and much more. They spend most of their times on the road, and exhaustion is definitely an issue.

However, there are also new characters introduced for this season, including a safe shelter at Alexandria. If you also a fan of the comic, you know that Alexandria is another safe haven. However, Rick still has his doubts, especially since the incidents with Terminus. Even after being shown pictures and given some food supplies, he doesn’t want to go to Alexandria. But after an incident involving the scout and his loved one, Rick has a change of heart – encouraged by Michonne who is getting sick of living on the road – and decides to give it a try. They finally come to Alexandria.

the walking dead season 6 newsRick doesn’t let his guard down and he tells his group not to. They still sleep in one house together with their knives ready, although each of them is given a house. After a while, they start to see that Alexandria is truly a safe place, but being on the road too long has taught them that being too safe isn’t good either. For them, the people in Alexandria don’t have any survival skills and they always flee at the first sight of walkers.

Things start to get complicated as Rick is attracted to a married woman with an abusive husband; not to mention that most of the inhabitants of Alexandria are a coward. Rick is viewed paranoid, even by his own group, but his paranoia has its own reason as some walkers manage to get through the thick walls of Alexandria. Rick takes over leadership, demanding things should be different. And as if the problem weren’t already complicated, Morgan came into the picture and another psychotic group ‘The Wolves’ is threatening everyone’s existence.



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