The Tragic Story Behind The Walking Dead’s Villain Negan

The walking dead is a spectacular tv show which creates a record in the television world, and you can stay connected with this show by reading the latest news here. Every people are ready to spend more time in watching their latest walking dead, and they are willing to compromise anything for this. The walking dead was traveling to the thrilling seasons, and you can notice some difference in the each season.

Negan acts as a unique personality in the walking dead. He was the most famous person in this world at present. His life in this world who keeps on changing, and he changes his attitude and character based on the different positions he lives. People would be familiar only when you say as the walking dead negan.

At his young stage, he was attracting everyone through his intelligence, and he was such a good boy. He got married to a girl, and he was not happy with her in the beginning stage. He also had an affair with another girl and enjoying his own life. When his wife came to know she never reacted because she thought that at least let him be happy with her. The walking dead Negan was just enjoying his life with his affair. At one point his wife was attacked by severe cancer, and she was counting her days. This acts as the changing point in the life of Negan.

the walking dead negan

Negan is remorseless and a mass murderer

Negan started avoiding his affair and spent time with her wife Lucile and that time he understood the meaning of love, and he was along with her all times. Then after the death of his wife, he was left alone, and those times he had seen many different people who had been attacked by the walkers. That time it was a horrible day for him. Then he slowly got a link with the Dwight, and he started ruling those people. At one stage he had the entire control of his saviors through his power and intimidation.

  • He changed his behaviors and was ready to do anything for them.
  • He gives severe punishment to the person who misbehaves the rule.
  • He started using his intelligent in collecting the resources.

Negan does not support for the rape, and he would punish the person and once he had killed his savior who had raped a woman. He is the main reason for keeping more than 100 people alive, and many people even worship him as a God.
He is such a hard person who does everything for obtaining the resources, and he starts exporting to the other places. He took all the resources from the multiple community people by threatening them.

Now the walking dead Negan is the one who decides everything, and he gets done. There are multiple of the saviors who are ready to do all the things whatever Negan says. In the beginning, negan was so jolly and a savage man but now he is the cruelest person in the world who does everything with his hardened heart.

The Walking Dead Season 8 will comeback to screens in October, with the new season set to premiere in the US with the show’s 100th episode on October 16.

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