The Walking Dead Season 8 Returns Online

All The Walking Dead fans are on alert as the first trailer for Season 8 has hit the internet. It will definitely be an exciting yet bloody journey as we return to the season with a lot of new and interesting stuff going on. The trailer was unveiled at the San Diego Comic-Con in the latter half of the month of July. The season premieres in the month of October and has everyone on the edge of their seats waiting for the exciting moment.

How to Watch The Walking Dead Season 8 Online?

AMC is going hard this season, they welcoming the 100 episode of the hole comic adapted saga, so they need to do something special, so as a reward they having a 90 minute long first season episode of The Talking dead. Which is the live after-show hosted by Chris Hardwick. This season they will greet us with 16 episodes.

So, maybe you are wondering, were I can watch the new season? Well, starting easy, you have plenty of time, the season will be on air in Sunday, October 23, and did you already watch the new trailer? Is E-P-I-C.

Let’s hit the main point, you have a lot of really cool options on where and how watch the new season, first, obviously, you have AMC, the new season will be airing every Sunday since October 23, they have in archive the old seasons, so you can go ahead and enjoy some ·#tbt ,also in Latino America we have FOX, that will be airing the same day. Main issue, is Spanish translated, and I don’t really like translations for TV shows.

You can go a little, Illegal too, but you can give it a try, right? There are a bunch of websites that will update the episode the next day before they airing, which is not totally the right thing to do, but sometimes you don’t have (or want) o afford and add another bill to your debts, so you just access one of the multiple online sites and watch the walking dead episodes, in nothing wrong, if you see it with the right eyes. You can watch the walking dead season 8 full episodes for free by clicking the button below.

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Story

Predictions and analytics definitely tell us that just like any other The Walking Dead season, this one will be bloody and deadly as well. There will be terrifying moments of agony and murder as well as difficult moments for the characters to maneuver through. It is also said that every episode will get the fans excited and curious, and every ending will want them to look forward to the next episode. One thing that everyone is curious about is definitely Negan The Walking Dead.

An all-out war is expected between Negan and Rick’s team, which can be quite a scene to watch. Tremendous amounts of action have been reported with characters being extremely involved in the war. A similar involvement is expected from the audience as the show hits the screens!

Trailer of comic con was released and you need to see it now, so run and don’t miss a hint, and also start supporting the talk show, it the funniest, interesting and entertain talk show I ever heard, and the best part, is about the great series, The Walking Dead.

The trailer shows the fans how Rick and his group prepares themselves for war with Negan and his survivors. The audience may take a backseat from the beginning as things go to the very climax from the start. The tension is prevalent with mass amounts of gunshots and explosions as the two groups hit the battlefield in a bloody and desperate contest.

A quick scene in the trailer also shows us Negan interacting with Father Gabriel where he warns him that he is about to be as shocked as he can be. The conversation was made in much harsher words though, which will be prominent to the audience within the series itself.

the walking dead season 8 the walking dead negan

Inspirations are given all around in both groups, that of Rick’s and Negan’s, as they go into battle. Giving the viewers goosebumps and curiosity, both groups hit it off in the beginning as things begin to move toward the ultimate bloodbath. It is said that the beginning will be a bit of a surprise for the audience, and the show will only climb upwards from there. There is certainly a lot to watch out for!

The Walking Dead Season 8 hits the screens on October 22nd; watch out for it! Keep an eye out for Negan in The Walking Dead as well while he takes the lead with his saviors in a head to head against Rick’s group. Things are definitely on a very interesting verge, and fans have all the excitement piled up for the big release!

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