Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1 Recap

The walking dead has been a popular TV series for a long time now. On the 11th October 2015, the walking dead season 6 online started. The Episode was named as First Time Again.

The story starts with Rick and Alexandrians standing on top of granite quarry apparently filled with the walkers, thousands of them. Rick plans to lure those walkers away from the quarry; that is when rock beneath a truck collapses and this frees the walkers. Rick realizes that he should go with the plan even if it’s not as per the schedule but the Alexandrians tend to fly away scared of their lives.

Flashbacks appear in black/white to show few selective events. It goes back to the meeting of town council where Pete and Reg murdered. Glenn takes Nicholas for medical treatment. Tara in the meanwhile awakes. Deanna starts to blame the Father for making her go against Rick.

Rick comes to know about Wolves from Morgan. In the meanwhile, they see Gabriel and Tobin trying to bury Reg and Pete’s dead body. Rick tells them not to hide Pete in the walls. They go into the woods to leave the body, and that is when they discover a quarry with the walkers. Rick suddenly realizes the facts that how quarry have been keeping the Alexandrians safe from danger. But he also notices that it won’t take much longer to get through that quarry, and the town will be under attack at one point in time. Rick decides to bury Pete’s body and starts to dig a grave for the body.

Ricks tries to warn Alexandria about the threat and also plans to take the walkers away from the safe zone. His men stand strong against the protest of Alexandrians. Carter tries to raise the risks that are involved in this plan. In an individual situation, Rick betrays with building team and holds his men back with arms. Seeing this, his team members start to defy Rick’s order and start to run for their life.

Carter decides to execute a plan to kill Rick, but Rick intervenes in time and makes Carter server his plan.

Rick uses Abraham, Sasha as bait to attract the walkers away from Alexandria. Rick puts his men in woods so that they can keep an eye on the walkers. Carter decides to trust Rick’s plan rather than taking the decision of his own and he gets caught by walkers. Before Carter’s scream could distract the walkers, Rick finds him, and first he kills the walker then stabs Carter on his head.

They were almost near green marker according to Rick’s plan. He believed that after that place, the line of walkers will not be distracted by any intervention from anyone, and they will go away from Alexandria. But, just then, a sound of horn comes from a distant place. Hearing that sound most of the walkers turns towards the sound and starts to cut loose in the woods. Rick realizes immediately where the sound was coming from and also a fact that he did not have any emergency plan that could save Alexandria now.

The walking dead season 6 episode 1 ends with a promise to come back on its episode 2. But if you think that this is interesting enough, you might want to try this to watch the walking dead online and enjoy.



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