The Walking dead season 6 episode 9 Recap

The Walking Dead, a most popular TV series- whichever I tell about this tv show that would be not enough to describe it, especially when it is season 6. The Walking Dead Season 6 of this tv show is offering speechless action, heartbreak and hearts stopping the devastation. The Walking Dead has returned with more power to grab all the viewers’ attention. You cannot resist yourself to watch it. Here a small review of episode 9 of The Walking Dead season 6 online which will create goose bumps on you.

The Walking Dead episode 9 of season 6 is named “No way out”. The title describes itself how the episode it is. In this episode, Rick and other survivors attempted to leave Alexandria with their escaping plan, but they faced the ultimate fight which changed their lives. When Sasha, Daryl, and Abraham were driving the truck, then they encountered a group of motorcycles. Frontman of that group named Negan demanded all of their weapons pointing the gun towards Sasha, Daryl, and Abraham. One of the gang members took Daryl to the back of the truck and searched for more supplies. Sasha and Abraham tried to know what was happening to them and got answered from the gang that they came to take them back from where they were coming from. After few minutes, Daryl killed that man who forced him to go to the back of the truck.

After the destruction, Alexandria camouflaged as zombies and survivors were walking through the dead. Rick was the leader of that team. Suddenly Father Gabriel asked Rick to take her child Judith to the church. Rick agreed with him but with hesitation. At that time everything was fine, and they continued to walk. On the other side Sasha, Daryl and Abraham returned to Alexandria to save Glenn. Glenn rescued his pregnant wife Maggie who was trapped to the top of a tower. Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl could save the day, fortunately.

On the other hand, Carol, Morgan, Rosita, Eugene, and Tara were trapped in a house. They were very much worried about their friend Denise who was kidnapped by one of the wolves. Morgan kept that wolf hostage secretly. Here another character developed between Denise and her captor who broke down evils. Carol was able to spot them in the crowd and there a hope began to survive. Tara was safe, but her captor did not get the chance to become a real person. This day was bad for them.

Rick was tensed about his child, and suddenly Sam got freezes. His mother and brother encouraged him to go on. Jessie holds Sam’s hand. Here Rick was going through a heart breaking moment because Jessie forced Rick to chop off her arm. Ron had a grudge on Rick. He believed that Rick is responsible for the sudden death in his family. Ron pointed a gun at Rick. The whole group was safe, but Carl’s right eye got damaged by the shot.After losing so many loving things, Rick just saved hundreds of walkers alone.

After ending the terror of that night Rick and Carl ok with each other. They made a promise to make their world better with the help of Alexandrians. This is how The Walking Dead season 6 episode 9 was. You can watch the walking dead online on this site.



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