The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale

Acclaimed as one of the best horror drama series in the American television, The Walking Dead was initiated by Frank Darabont. The series is an adaptation of the famous comic series having a similar name. The comic series was developed by the famous trio Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard and Robert Kirkman.

The initial phase of the series begins with the protagonist Rick Grimes, portrayed by Andrew Lincoln awakening from a long span of a coma only to be confronted by the world full of zombies. Rick is described as the leader of the group of survivors in a preceding apocalyptic world. The entire series rounds up in the walking dead season 6 episode 1 that is the finale portion of the story. The setting of the finale series is set in a different arena altogether, unlike the first the walking dead season 5 online that primarily revolved around the metro area of Atlanta.

Setting and Plot of the finale the walking dead season 6

All throughout the series, Negan, the threatening leader of the group of Saviors, happens to be one of the most anticipated characters of all. This is exactly the point that has been exploited by the makers of the series while rounding up the finale season of the walking dead series. The sixth season of the walking dead is where Negan makes an entry and continues to capture the interest of the audience right till the end. Jeffrey Dean Morgan successfully lived up to the hopes and aspirations of the viewers even in his debut performance. Characterized by his brawny and maliciously charming stature, this man manages to steal the show right from his entrance. The suspense of the story is kept intact as viewers are not allowed to get an idea of the entity that was killed by Negan. The speculation that the maker manages to create is a noteworthy one. The writers deserve every bit of applaud to surprise the viewers with the outrageous outcome of things towards the end of the drama. Though the creators of the show did try to overshadow the absence of Glenn, the tricks employed in the story did spoil a bit of the fun. The Finale season of the walking dead bestows the saviors with enough supplies to return to the land of the Alexandrians.

Talking about the setting of the sixth season of the walking dead, the mystic aura was kept intact within the story long after the story proceeded. Apt convenience was provided to the narrative section when you watch walking dead season 6 that made it easier for the viewers to intercept the dialogues and the conversations between the heroes and the villains. It made it easier for the audience to take a grasp over the motives of the groups alike. The blurring of dialogues is something that has been avoided to a great extent within the show. A touch of mystery continues to be added within through the introduction of a secretive storyline of characters like Enid.


The walking dead season 6 finale was a perfect ending to the famous series and it successfully fed the audience with all that they wanted since the advent of the drama on television.



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