The Walking dead Season 7 Predictions

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular TV series which has already grabbed a maximum number of viewer’s attention. There is an uncounted fan of this tv show, and they have started to predict about the season 7 of this tv show. After the walking dead season 6 finale, you can have a prediction, but this is TV series is not at all predictable one. Anything can happen here. Still here is the prediction of season 7:

We have watched the final episode of season 6 is that Maggie is sick, and Negan has started to create huge trouble. The last episode of season six left so many questions to us. It is a high suspense that who died? Season 7 will hopefully give answers to all the issues we have. The first question was aroused that who killed Negan? In the last episode, we have seen that Daryl, Rick, Morgan, Rosita, Sasha, Glenn, Carl, Dixon, Abraham, were arrested by the saviours. Negan was continuously causing trouble to them, but we do not know who died. Now see that what may happen in season 7. Who may die in the walking dead season 7 online?

I have discussed that prediction of this TV series is terrible. Anybody can die here. The first suspect who can die is Glenn. Though there is also thought that Daryl and Abraham may die. Does whoever die in this series that will not be the problem? It can be predicted easily that Negan’s arrival will lose Rick’s confidence, and a big fight will be there between Negan and Rick. Here a blind prediction we can have that Rick will win against Negan. Negan may be arrested and ends up in the jail.

On the other hand, all fans are hoping that season 7 will give the answer the question of who helped Carol and Morgan in the last episode of the walking dead streaming. It was not seen in the final episode. It can be predicted that they were the members of group Kingdom. Now, what is the Kingdom team and what they do actually? According to this TV series Kingdom is the group which was running by the zookeeper.

There are some more predictions for season 7. Negan may fight with Rick, and finally, Rick may agree with Negan’s terms for the sake of Maggi’s life. There may also happen that Rick and his all team members will be compelled to follow the rules made by Negan. Finally, Rick may decide to fight back with Negan to get free from him. One more group may appear in the season 7. What kind of the team will it be? To know this, we have to wait for season 7.

No matter what will be in the season 7. This TV series is getting more exciting and horrifying. There may be a great twist in season 7. The show is developing with more interesting incidents and characters. So watch The Walking Dead online to get all the answers you have.



The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale

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