Watch The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 6

After a morning of powdered scrambled eggs along with a boozy night of wine, our survivors learn the facts about their new environment. Jenner’s end is close, yet: the closing few electricity generators of the CDC burn out and he determines to expire in a huge fireball as the facility shuts down and intend to ‘decontaminate’ everyone indoors.

But Jenner does not need to go he locks his buddies inside the building with them and Rick, to save them the pain of returning to the walker-infested outside. He just relents to permit them to go at the final second but decides to stay himself, along with Andrea and Jacqui. A definitely smitten Dale, nevertheless, inspires Andrea not to give up just yet and the last scene reveals our heroes in the unknown and driving away from the black smokey wreck that’s the remains of the CDC that is incinerated.



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