Watch The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9

Lori wakes up following the crash to discover a Walker attempting to get to her. Fortunately, before heading away from the crash, Lori discovers her gun and kills the next Walker.

When Lori is eventually found by Shane, she appears to be okay, but she insists they should go after the others and Rick. Her lies and tells that they all have returned to the farm.

She’s angry with Shane for lying to her once Lori learns the truth, however, he says they should be sure the infant is ok. Carl learns that his mom is pregnant and overhears their conversation. Luckily, Carl looks overjoyed by the news and asks if it is a girl if they are able to identify the infant Sophia. The infant, as well as Lori, looks fine, and Shane inquires Lori for a minute alone.

Lori says their relationship was a blunder, but Shane doesn’t concur. Shane considers what they had was real, but Shane leaves when Lori doesn’t repeat his thought.



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