Watch The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3

After a tough day on the job, most folks like owning something that can benefit them unwind. Is there any purpose for this unusual artwork, or is this simply the show’s neon symbol like the practice of representing the Governor is deranged to us?

This small uproar additionally shows the Governor is not thereby guarding and caring for everybody. The tank collectively with the aviator’s leader would explain the Governor is not solely that fantastic on nursing him to health. You had assumed earlier he had earned it back the bodies would be zombie supplies. The Governor may be really particular concerning who he wants to stick around Woodbury.

How deep will the Governor attain powerful and sovereign girls like Andrea and Michonne whenever this is a piece of the reason? He also has not swung the doors wide open for them, despite he also states they’re clear to leave. Obviously, everything will get even crazier when Rick and game find Woodbury.



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