Watch The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4

Lori’s not alive. I understand some enthusiasts have been begging for this to occur since the first episode. I believe even the most skeptical fan has to keep the tissues nearby. A jail overrun with zombies is an awful spot to deliver a baby, especially when your only choice for delivery is an untrained girl using a dagger.

Carl is rated as the most irritating character right behind Lori. The worst segment is that it’s the world where the dead come back, and so Carl should shoot at his own mom to stop that. This scene is the largest symbol of hopelessness in this world.

In one of the strongest moments in the show, some final advice is given by Lori to her son. She’s definitely overtaken with remorse over her relationship with Shane and makes her son promise he’ll never do anything that does not feel appropriate. Lori leaves the world a courageous girl, and her closing minute with Carl will go down as one of the very memorable scenes on the show.



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