Watch The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 16

Can the Alexandrians or his own people trust Rick? Will he be cast out? Who had followed him? Who’d stay? Who’s carving W’s into people’s heads and turning them into biter-grams? Will Carl eventually get a girlfriend? Can Alexandria’s wall shield it from the ruthless Grimes clan its own feeble members, the murderous W-carvers, or the ravenous walkers?

The show has assembled a sprawling community and an uneasy coalition between the Alexandrians and the Grimes family. Neither side trusts the other, but each group is missing vital elements that ensure survival. For the Alexandrians, it is basic survival skills. Without that wall, they had almost certainly expire quickly. For the Grimes clan, it’s something that was put on bloody display last week when Rick was quick to virtually kill Pete the surgeon, basic humanity, and scoff in the thought he was wrong for doing so.



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