Watch The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1

Abraham, who is notably unhinged in the episode, coaxes stray walkers back on the street like a toreador using a bit of silver material and jumps out of the vehicle. There is a hitch when Carter gets bitten in the woods and his screaming begins to bring the herd, but Rick shuts him up to the bottom of the skull with a knife. And suddenly, there is a loud, constant horn sound. The walkers leave on start and the road heading right for the community: a community full of people that fired firearms since Deanna has only just let residents to bear arms or have not always killed zombies.

Show co-creator Robert Kirkman guaranteed “huge cliffhangers” in every episode this season and that finishing definitely given. Seems like we are in for a heck of a zombie-survivor conflict in Alexandria next week. But who set the horn off? Backstabbing coward using a death wish Father Gabriel? Pete’s son Ron, in a misguided act of retaliation for Rick’s shooting of his “killer” dad? An associate of the sadistic group of survivors known as the Wolves?



Watch The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 2

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