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Clearly the largest and most practical motive to jump several weeks is so Chandler Riggs could be walking around and up. He comes quite a distance since binge eating pudding on a rooftop and while just having one eye can give rise to a child to grow up quickly, we do not recommend attempting this one at home.

All of us adore Glenn. I think the outcry over his near-death before this year made our fondness quite clear. But after so many near-death experiences (another amazing one only last week!), it was fine to take a rest from the play. Glenn will be back next week–he is in the episode 11 preview–and his destiny will probably dominate the ending of the season, but, for now, it was pleasant to picture he and Maggie were shacked up while the episode set the focus elsewhere.

There would not have been room to mourn her sons, and Jessie, and all in the same episode and zombie Deanna Carl’s eye. However, by placing this action of killing and a small space between the Alexandria massacre, we got a pleasant, mental storyline for Carl, Michonne, and, above all, Spencer. Actually, I’d claim this was a fascinating thing the show has done with Spencer.



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