Watch The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 2

We saw the return of gun slinging, Carol that was a badass who has eventually come out to play. Some cult is slaughtering people left and right and has shown up at Alexandria. Super annoying. All we understand is people left kill people, have “W” on their brows, and do not have any firearms. You are likely not surprised to discover that people left and right are also the reason behind the horn sound that derailed the efficient herding of zombies from last week’s episode. Within minutes, people set up her buddies with firearms and killed a lot of these crazies shed her innocent persona. Carol does because that’s what. Rick gets shit done. All that is missing is a number of slow motion explosions behind Carol as she walks away smoking a well-deserved smoke.

Before the coming of the mystery gang, we got a feeling this was really going to take place. Carol sees Sam because he misses his section of junk father, sulking on a stoop. Carol’s there to give him the tough love he wants. “Your father used to strike you and he got himself killed. And, at the beginning of the episode, among the other girls in the pantry called her “an honest to goodness hero” due to Rick’s cooking. Our heroine is really known by how small the community.



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