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Back at Alexandria, Maggie, who is obsessed with standing watch on the wall, where Rick waits for any hint of Glenn is approached by her. Gabriel is hanging signs for a prayer circuit up about town, and Rick walks by and splits down his signal. So, either Rick is having a Kanye minute where he believes he is God, or he is having a jaded Rick second where he is like, “God is not actual.”

Carol and Morgan, Rick, Michonne have a small assembly. They would like to know why the Wolves weren’t killed by Morgan when they began and came slaughtering people — why Carol let them go. Back in A SEEMINGLY ACTUAL SCENARIO, Glenn attempts to bring Enid back to Alexandria. Glenn pulls a gun on Carol to reveal how serious she is. So it is gotta be a deeper issue than hormones.

Glenn makes a small nook for Nicholas under a dumpster and slips away from underneath himself. Eventually, the following morning, himself appears, ALIVE. “Hey! Heads up!” HOW SUITABLE. He follows her into a small hideout while Enid gets him up on all of the shit, she is made for herself. Glenn simply needs to know if Maggie’s ok, but Enid has scurried away before he can be answered by her.



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