Watch The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 14

Eugene and Abraham got an opportunity to bury the hatchet after Eugene’s earlier betrayal and Abraham’s explosive reaction to produce ammunition, which will no doubt be needed in the upcoming confrontation with Negan, while simultaneously uncovering a means for the Alexandrians to it. Eugene got to show his usefulness (which sadly doesn’t make him any more fascinating as a character, no matter how many crotches he bites) and Abraham eventually made progress with Sasha, which would’ve been much more satisfactory if A: he hadn’t emotionally destroyed Rosita in order to attain it, and B: there was an iota of chemistry between Sasha and Abraham as characters, because I still do not buy their attraction for a second. While the parallels between Eugene’s journey and Denise’s were apparent on paper, the writing and editing of the episode made the two storylines feel disjointed – like writer Matt Negrete did not trust Denise’s narrative to hold our interest, or needed to shoehorn in an opportunity for Eugene to cease being so unworthy before the ending but wasn’t certain where to put it.



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