Watch The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 16

Negan’s folks, who make Rick and his group recognize that they have zero agency, at one point plopping signifiers of the got Michonne and Daryl on a whole lot of zombies whose bodies are linked by chains block all roads toward the Hilltop. The perversity with is chilling because of how starkly and astonishingly it finds Rick off guard. It is as if he’s subjugated into a state of emotional servility that will become his albatross. Would that Morgan’s pursuit of Carol felt not as meaningless? She keeps running, oblivious that one of the guys she didn’t kill on the road during last week’s episode is on her trail. The entire subplot verifies that Carol has been suffering from a kind of unexpected, plot-necessitating personality disorder for several episodes now as if her torment has only existed to pave the street toward what appears to be yet another safe-zone which will inevitably figure into future storylines.



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